Term Paper on King Lear

Lear Term Paper:

King Lear is one of the most famous tragedies written by the greatest English playwright William Shakespeare. His tragedies are well-known all over the world and the most frequently-played in every great world theater. King Lear stands in one row with Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Romeo and Juliette and is considered to be one of the most successful tragedies written by the great author. King Lear is an interesting tragedy which touches upon a great number of important problems. The main character King Lear suggests that he should give the crown and the kingdom to the one of his three daughters who loves him stronger than the two others. It is obvious that the only one daughter was kind and loved her father with true daughter love and her name was Cordelia.

The other two daughters Goneril and Regan were sly and selfish and wanted to achieve the throne themselves and they started to lie about their sister Cordelia and King Lear believed them and neglected the daughter. Cordelia got married with the King of France and left her home peacefully. Goneril and Regan realized that only one could get the crown and they tried to murder king Lear to remain with his wealth. When Cordelia learnt about this fact, she gathered the army and wanted to defeat her sisters to save her father’s life. Unfortunately, she was killed and King Lear understood that this was the most loving daughter and mourned a lot because of her death.

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The tragedy touches upon the problem of love, family relations, friendship, selfishness, and like every Shakespearian tragedy it tries to show the sense of life. It gives much space for suggestion and offers to review the purpose and the value of life. Every student from high school, college and university should at least read the tragedy and understand its importance and value. If one is asked to complete a term paper on the tragedy, he should read it attentively, analyze the plot, think about the problems presented there and analyze the characters and their role in the text. The term paper should be interesting, logical and present the tragedy from all sides illustrating its positive and negative sides.

It is obvious that one should not just read the text of the tragedy but take advantage of the critics of the experts who have devoted much time to analyze the works of Shakespeare. Moreover, a free term paper on King Lear found in the web will be a good extra source of data and a student will understand much with its help. Neatly every free sample term paper on King Lear is organized by a professional writer who knows everything about paper writing and it is reasonable to borrow his experience.

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