Survey Design – Term Paper

Survey Method

The survey method used in this study is a cross-section survey study.  It involved respondents with type 2 diabetes. It was done in a period of 6-months; that is February to august 2013 in a pharmacy and a health care facility in Nis city. The method is similar to a questionnaire and the researcher used this method to ask the respondents at a different point in time. The people were divided into gender, age, and duration of their sickness (Dey & Attele, 2011). The primary focus of this method was to identify the relationship of diabetes between different genders. Also, it was to point out the relationship between the diabetes effects and the duration of its existence in the patient. 

Using this method to conduct a survey was of an advantage in the following ways. One, it is easy to disapprove assumptions made on people with type 2 of diabetes. The researchers had the ability to capture specific points in time thus making it cost effective and less time to consume. Two, with the use of multiple variables like gender variation and period of diabetes, the data collected is useful to multiple research types. And thus having many outcomes causing the researcher to come up with new theories and modify the other.

However, this method was not effective in this way, it was not possible to analyze the type 2 people behavioral characteristics (Dey & Attele, 2011). The cause and effects of diabetes are not determinants using this method. And above all the timing might not just be a guarantee of getting a sure representation. Therefore, to ensure reliability and validity of data, the researcher conducted the research in a public pharmacy and primary health care facility within the City of Niš. From my point of view, this ensures the accuracy of information and data being given since the people participating have their records stored in this health facilities. Tracking them is easy for the researcher. I would have done the same thing however; this method requires high confidentiality and trust between the researcher and the patient being questioned. 

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Dey, L., & Attele, A. S. (2011). Type 2 diabetes. Tradit Chinese Med, 231(1), 1-16.