Temperature and its measurement answers – Term Paper

In the process of measurement of temperature, there is a lot to understand and one of them is the understanding of the working mechanisms of thermometers. In thermometers, there is either a mercury or alcohol thermometer which helps in the measurement of the hotness or coldness of a place or a body. In both the mercury and alcohol thermometers, the alcohol or the mercury used become bigger when heated and smaller when cooled. The glass tube of a thermometer ensures that the liquid is confined and that the liquid has no other space but to go up when the liquid is heated and goes down when the liquid is cooled. The calibration helps in the measurement of the extent to which the liquid is heated or cooled. There is the need to ensure that the thermometers record the right readings which help in the acquisition of the right temperatures for the benefits of the public.

Question 1

Question a

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In the graph, the blue line represents the thermo, the red one represents thermistor while the green one represents the PRT. It is apparent that the graphs of thermo and thermistor relate directly meaning that any change in heat leads to direct effects in the all the two components of measurement. On the contrary, the graph of PRT relate in a different manner, and this is because it starts by showing a non-uniform graph the proceeds to relate directly with the other two. In this manner, the temperature has the same effects on both the thermos and the thermistor but has a different effect on the PRT. 

Question b

The devices that are most accurate are themo and the thermistor because they show a uniform change with the change in the temperature, on the contrary, PRT is the least accurate because application of heat at the initial stages have a different effect on the substance leading to non-uniform reaction upon application of heat.

Question c

Another observation is that steady increase in temperature makes the devices to have a steady and uniform measurement of heat. However, thermos is the best device used in the measurement of heat because of the steady readings that it gives in the process of measurement. 

Question 2

From the graph, it is apparent that the increase in time does not cause any changes in the measurement devices, PRT shows no change with increase in time, however, both the thermistor and thermos show a slight change as they drop from a higher value to a smaller value but finally maintain a constant with increase in time. The second observation is that both thermistor and thermo approach zero with increase in time. 


In the experiment, there are a lot that needs to be examined in the process and one of them is the measurement and the recording process. Such is because the process of recording must be carried out in a way that represents the situation on the ground and proves helpful in the experiment. Different devices used in the measurement of temperatures work differently because of the mechanism used in the process of measuring results. There is a need for students to ensure that they understand the working mechanisms of the same and that they appreciate they employ the use of thermometers in the right manner, and that they make use of the same in the right manner to ensure that they benefit the population. To help in understanding the way thermometers are used in the representation of results, there is need to compare readings from different thermometers which is of great importance to the population. In this regard, the different readings help in showing the precision of instruments to aid in making the right choices of the measuring instruments.