Term Paper on Alcoholism

Term Paper:

Alcoholism is the disease which is based on the heavy and constant consumption of alcohol and physical and psychological dependence on it. Alcoholism is a very serious disease which has harmful impact on the physical and psychological functions of the human being and her social life. Alcoholics have problems with the normal existence in the society and often have troubles at work, with family and friends. Generally, alcoholism is defined as alcohol abuse and its consequences, like the total dependence on alcoholic drinks. The disease is considered to the chronic one which develops with the run of time. On the other hand alcoholism depends on an individual. For example, one requires many years to become an alcoholic, the other can fall ill with it in a year of constant alcohol consumption.

There are many factors which influence alcoholism: genetic predisposition (if there were family members who suffered from alcoholism, there is a risk of the disease in the further generations), social factors (family life, friends who often invite to have a drink with them), cultural factors (there are countries were alcohol is considered a national drink and people consume it too often), psychological factors or generally stress (if the psychics of an individual is weak and he suffers from stress and depression, there is a risk that the person would start drinking alcohol to defeat low mood and stress). The impact of alcoholism on the human organism is very harmful. The person has a risk of heart diseases, cirrhosis of the liver and even cancer.

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The consequences of alcoholism are completely negative. The people under effect of alcohol commit crimes; they are the source of the family violence and burglary, they rape, abuse people and are dangerous for the society. A student who has decided to prepare a successful alcoholism term paper is supposed to investigate the problem in detail to understand the cause and effect of alcoholism, the dangerous consequences of the actions of the people consuming alcohol. One should define the effect of alcohol on the human health and present the possible ways out of this problem. A student can share the methods of treatment and prevention of alcoholism which already exist and can brainstorm his own methods.

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