Term Paper on Alexander the Great

the Great Term Paper:

Alexander the Great is the Macedonian king who lived in the 4th century BC and is known as one of the best commanders in the history of the humanity. Alexander was tutored by the world known philosopher Aristotle, no wonder the boy achieved deep knowledge about the world and borrowed the experience of the greatest minds of that time. At the age of 20 Alexander the Great became the king of Macedonia after the death of his father, Philip II. Alexander is known to be the creator of one of the greatest empires of all times, because he defeated Persian king Darius III and conquered the whole Persian Empire which was considered to be the most powerful at that time. Alexander continued his way to India and only there the boarders of his empire stopped stretching further and further, because he died in quite a young age of 32 under the cause of a disease.

Alexander created the global empire which disappeared a few years after his death and this achievement fascinated and made the further world known commanders to reach such heights. For example, the Caesars of the Roman Empire fascinated with the success of Alexander, and later on such commanders as Napoleon and the Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler compared their military success with the success of Alexander the Great. Due to the activity of Alexander a great number of cities in Asia were founded, and this contribution can not be overestimated. Moreover, Alexander can be called the creator of democracy, because when he conquered a country, he never treated the conquered people lower than the people of Macedonia, no wonder, he was loved and respected by everyone making all the people equal.

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Alexander the Great is one of the most respected commanders in the human history and this personality is worth attention. In order to research the personality of Alexander one will need to read books, critics, articles and encyclopaedia about him to understand the whole his success and contribution into the development of the human civilization. A student should describe the life of the personality, focus on his achievements, world view, his strategy and tactics, the way of commanding and ruling of the empire. One should summarize and weigh the achievements of Alexander presenting any advantages and disadvantages.

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