Simple way to be a good student – Term Paper

Are you a good student? Are you the ideal role model? Are you using your time wisely? Let`s find out as you read along.

To start with I`m going to give you a few tips on achieving the goals that seem impossible. They are:


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You`ll come to see that organisation is a major element for success. So what you need to do is basically pull yourself together from the beginning of the academic year. Plan a schedule (estimate time for each task). Use your time effectively and actually do the things you`d planned to do. It saves you a lot of tension and last minute chaos. Try to balance your activities, don`t spend hours watching TV and a few minutes studying. Put breaks in between your study sessions. Prioritise your material. Divide it into three sectors primary, secondary and tertiary. Where you concentrate on the most significant. Keep your notes up to date and don`t forget to attend lessons with a pen! So stay organised.

2.Dedication and Discipline

A dedicated student is one that is constantly and fighting and putting in their maximum effort and striving for their very best. For that you need to prioritise your time, work hard and practice.

Here are a few things you should keep an eye on:

  • Punctuality: Time is money and my dear you are rich. No doubt about it therefore you should always be ahead of schedule. Arrive to school, eat, complete assignments and sleep ON TIME!
  • Dress code: The way you dress says a lot. Not just when your older and have the choice of wearing what you want but also when your in school uniform and your adding those extra touches like piercings, tattoos and inappropriate accessories.
  •  Attitude:
  1. Group A-They want to learn. Eager to learn everything and anything.
  2. Group B-The just want to learn so that they can ace those exam papers. Literally can`t be too bothered to imply what they`ve learnt in their everyday life.
  3. Group C-They don`t know what their doing there and they simply don`t care. Be warned, they tend to act stupid and later on overtake Group A.

Set goals, focus and concentrate on yourself.


Motivation is the fuel of any great mans achievement. One thing you need to understand is your behavior reflects the behaviour of the people around you. To motivate yourself you need to find THE RIGHT GROUP of people. Choose a responsible group, have group discussions where you will be inspired to do more. Always ask for help it`s not a sign of weakness. Do what you got to do because this is really all about you. Your grades, your reputation and your life.

School hacks (tricks):

  1. Hiding your phone in the middle of your text book and pretending to read doesn`t make you a star it makes you a fool.
  2. Listening to songs while revising or studying doesn`t help you concentrate and learn faster. Only thing fast about it are the lyrics that roll off of your tongue.
  3. Watching movies and saying it helps your vocabulary unless of course your from the middle east and don`t know how to speak English.
  4. Stalking guys or girls doesn`t make you a detective or enhance your investigating skills it`s simply a waste of time.
  5. Pulling pranks on each other can be fun. But not as funny as your faces in the principal`s office. Add that sense of humor in your English essays.

It`s hard to get what you want but try to make a difference. Your hard work today is your success tomorrow. And never let anybody tell you you can`t because you sure can. And remember this phase will pass, make the most of it.