Term Paper on Bayesian Reasoning

Reasoning Term Paper:

Bayesian reasoning is the method of the evaluation of the probability of certain event to occur.

Bayesian reasoning relies on the mathematical calculations and is widely used not only in sciences, like mathematics, engineering, physics, but in social studies like philosophy, sociology, law and medicine. All in all the method is used in statistics, because provides scholars and scientists with the trustworthy results. With the help of the method it is possible to calculate the probability of a certain event, action, etc just introducing the probable optional factors into the formula. Bayesian reasoning is useful for the calculation of the simple cases but also plays a great role for the research and decision making in great serious cases relation with science and engineering.

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The key value of the analysis of the information with the help of Bayesian reasoning is not the simple calculation but the analysis of the information. For example, if there are three possible results of an action, every result will have the probability of 30%. But if we possess more information about these results which can help us find the most probable one, Bayesian reasoning will help us and provide us with more direct results; for example, 20%, 30% and 50%. So, with the help of the deep analysis of every slight detail and calculation one can find the most reliable probability of the event, action, etc.

The problem of Bayesian reasoning can be quite complicated for students, so they will have to devote enough time to the research o the topic to improve their knowledge and analyze the problem well. A good Bayesian reasoning term paper should be informative, logical and contain only trustworthy data. One should explain the method of Bayesian reasoning in detail and prove its value for the statistics of all kinds. A student should analyse the strong and the weak sides of the method and probably share his ideas concerning its improvement. One should support his thoughts with the direct examples from the real life to prove that he understands the use of Bayesian reasoning on practice. At last, one should conclude the paper summarizing the information presented and analyzed in the above.

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