Term Paper on Deviation

Term Paper:

Deviation is the kind of social behaviour which differs from the stable norms of behaviour in the society. Deviation can be of two major kinds: positive and negative. Generally, no one pays attention to the positive deviation, but concentrates on the negative one. Negative social deviation is the behaviour which causes harmful impact on the society and the individuals. The brightest representatives of the people who influence the society badly are alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals, mentally ill people, etc. Naturally, the society does not accept deviant people and treats them negatively. The most common ways to cope with the deviant people are isolation and medical care. If a person is dangerous for the society and does not understand her actions or whether she does not care about the consequences of her harmful behaviour, she is generally isolated according to the nature of her deviation.

For example, if a person commits serious crimes and causes harm to people, she is generally isolated with the help of imprisonment on a certain term, according to the laws of the country. If the person’s deviant behaviour depends on her psychics, she is isolated in the special medical centres which do their best to normalize the psychics of the patient and reduce the impact of his mental disease or disorder on the society. After the long course of treatment people often get better and their behaviour normalizes to the standards of the society and she can lead a regular life.

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Deviation is the difference from the general standards or norms and the term can touch upon various problems of human life but is generally mentioned in the context of sociology and psychology. A well-organized deviation term paper is expected to contain reliable and interesting data and explain the topic in detail. One should explain the problem of deviation from all sides and from the point of view of various disciplines. A student should describe the topic of deviation and define the problems it causes. Moreover, it is important to value the effect of these problems to present the full image of deviation. In conclusion on can say a few words about the impact of deviation on human life and the human society and define its possible value.

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