Term Paper on Egyptian Art

Art Term Paper:

The art of the ancient Egypt is one of the richest and well-known in the whole world. The Great Pyramids and other famous places have always attracted attention of scholars and travelers from all over the world. People have always fascinated with the richness of the art of the one of the oldest civilizations and wonder how people could create such enormous and often gigantic things themselves (if we speak about the monuments and the pyramids, there is a theory that they were built not by the common people but by the guests from other planets).

Egyptian art is connected with the rule of the two greatest dynasties in Egypt, which existed from 3000 BC to 300 AD. During this long period of time the country managed to develop various forms of art: architecture, sculpture, painting, pottery and drawing (the civilization invented the process of papyrus making and developed writing with the help of hieroglyphs).

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The whole art of the ancient Egypt is based on symbolism. The most popular motives in sculpture and portraying were the gods and the images of the Egyptian mythology and pharaohs or the monarchs of the country. Moreover, all the hieroglyphs are the symbols which have a certain meaning and the majority of the symbols were borrowed by the other civilizations. It is a success that the examples of the Egyptian art remained till the modern times in security and scholars can research the history of the ancient Egypt, its spheres of life and culture profoundly.

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