Term Paper on Ethics

Term Paper:

Ethics is the study about the norms of life and moral values. For quite a long period of time ethics was the target of the research of the field of philosophy and not so long ago it was transformed into the separate discipline. Ethics embraces a range of qualities and phenomena, like friendship, love, good manners, sympathy, the sense of life, etc. Ethics is important in every sphere of human life and activity. For example, ethics is important in the human relations. When you communicate with parents and friends, you have to remember that these people are very important for you and are always ready to support you, that is why you should be ready to act the same if it is needed.

Ethics is required at school, college and university, because teachers and students should respect and help one another, cooperate for the single goodness – education. The same thing is with health care. At hospital doctors are expected to treat their patients with respect, sympathy and help everyone in spite of their social status. Ethics in the workplace is the most important factor which influences job satisfaction aspect. Employers should treat their employees with respect, constantly help them and provide with good friendly piece of advice. When there is friendly working atmosphere, employees start working hard, because they begin to respect and appreciate their workplace fearing to lose it, if they work badly. In this case ethics solves two problems: maintains moral values and raises the quality of work of the employees.

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Ethics is the essential thing for human life, because everybody enjoys being treated nice and in the response one should behave the same and the world will become better finally. When a student is asked to create a term paper, he will need to read a lot about the problem to collect enough data for the research. It is important to find out about ethics as much as possible to explain its meaning, sense, its role in human life, stages of its development.

The historical background of ethics is very rich, because every philosopher devoted much time to his own interpretation of ethics and a student should know at least something about everyone. The paper should be constructed skilfully and be logically divided into the chapters which explain a certain chosen subtopic. Pay attention to the methodology of the research to present your knowledge and critical thinking abilities.

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