Term Paper on Kyoto Protocol

Protocol Term Paper:

Kyoto protocol is the international treaty which makes all the countries which have signed it to reduce the emissions of chemicals and pollutants into the air. Kyoto protocol was aimed to prevent industrial countries of the world from the production of wastes in big amounts and suggested that they should use modern technologies which would filter the emissions. The protocol was signed in 1997 and connected the leading countries of the world with the purpose to improve the ecological situation of the planet. Because of human activity Earth is endangered. The air pollution is so strong in some places that people can not live there and suffer from numerous lung diseases and problems with breathing.

Evidently, human activity in the form of the industrial development of the world influences the natural environment negatively. Millions of plants and factories work all over the world producing millions of tons of the industrial wastes which are breathed in by people. Kyoto protocol is expected to reduce these heavy emissions and improve the quality of the air and make it fresh and healthy.

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There are three stages which every country has to pass on the way to its development. By the year of 2020 the countries which have signed the protocol are expected to reduce the amount of emissions to the minimum. Of course, the improvement of the filtering techniques costs much and the countries will hardly manage to achieve the expected results by the deadline but the member countries are optimistic concerning this question.

Kyoto protocol is one of the most effective international protocols which are aimed to improve the quality of the air and the ecological situations in the whole. Young people who are asked to prepare a good term paper on Kyoto protocol will need to get acquainted with it, its structure, demands, principles, member countries and the expected results. In order to collect data on the topic one will need to read encyclopaedias, high-quality newspapers and scientific journals which are dedicated to this topic. It does not worth mentioning that the paper is expected to be well-planned, divided into logical sections which present separate points related to the topic. Moreover, one should prepare the term paper in such a way to persuade the reader in the importance of the topic and the necessity of the improvement of the ecological situation on the planet.

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