Term Paper on Microprocessor

Term Paper:

Microprocessor is the processor (appliance which is aimed at the solution of the logical and arithmetical tasks and operations written in the machine code), which is located on the single integrated circuit or the couple of specialized circuits. The first microprocessors appeared in the 1970 and were introduced in the first electronic calculators.

Later they were used in terminals, printers and other portable appliances. Today processors are widely used in computing being the heart of every computer. There are theories that a microprocessor can have such a name only if it is concentrated on the single circuit; however, the majority of the modern processors (AMD, Intel, etc.) are created on the basis of the several circuits.

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Nowadays the terms ‘processor’ and ‘microprocessor’ are considered to be the synonyms, because the number and the popularity of the processors which are not the microprocessors is very low. Microprocessors used in personal computers enable people to surf in the Internet, work with text, audio and video data, etc. Moreover, microprocessors are used in the appliances which are too far from computers: automobiles, toys, household appliances, DVD players and HDTV broadcast systems, etc.

Microprocessors are used in different spheres of human life, because nearly every electric appliance contains one. A student who is interested in this sphere can choose to investigate the topic on microprocessor and explain it to the professor. In order to complete the paper one can read a range of books, encyclopaedias and periodicals which are devoted to this topic. Moreover, there are many articles in the web which explain the problem in detail and improve knowledge seriously.

A well-organized term paper is supposed to be informative and logically-created, because the topic is serious and requires a strict structure. One should pay attention to the historical background of the problem and give the direct examples of the microprocessors which appeared in the run of time till they developed to their current size and power. One is expected to explain the function of microprocessor, its types, its advantages and disadvantages. Finally, it is important to define the value and the role of microprocessor in our life.

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