Term Paper on Motivation

Term Paper:

Motivation is a specific psychological feature that rouses up an organism to action toward a desired objective. Motivation also controls, elicits and sustains certain goal directed behaviors. It can be considered to be a driving force; a psychological drive which compels or reinforces someone’s action toward a desired goal. There are several types of motivation, which are completely different and have different cause and effect aspect. First of all, there is self-motivation, which is characterized, like a voluntary actions and desire to do something to achieve a certain goal. This type of motivation is not often occurred, because human activity mostly depends on the motivation of other people (foe example, an employer motivates his employees to work, because without motivation the quality of work will be extremely poor).

Then, motivation can be divided into intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic is the best type of motivation, because it depends of the interest of a person. When the task, job is interesting for a person, she is obviously do it scrupulously, energetically, and devote more time to do it. Extrinsic motivation depends on the need of a person to support her living. For example, if one needs money, he will have to work much and hard; not because of strong desire but from the necessity.

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Motivation is one of the most important factors, which influence the success of business. The connection is very simple: if an employee is motivated with money, good working conditions, appropriate duration of a working day, he will try to do his work perfectly in order not to lose his workplace. And on the contrary, if a worker is not praised, paid little, he will never work hard for his boss. A successful term paper on motivation should present the definition of the term, explain its meaning, illustrate the types and ways of motivation and offer the most effective ways of motivation, which will make employees work hard and devotedly.

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