Term Paper on Prostitution

Term Paper:

Prostitution is the form of business in which sexual services are sold for money. Prostitution has always existed in the human civilization, no wonder it is often called an ancient profession.

Women become prostitutes from many reasons but the most common one is the unfavorable financial situation and lack of food and shelter. The general attitude towards prostitution is totally negative, but still it exists and will always exist. Besides, prostitution is often associated with human trafficking and it is logical, because more than 79% of human trafficking is sex trafficking.

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The problem is far more serious, because very often children are involved in prostitution (the situation is common is Asia, India, Thailand, etc.) and this fact shocks the general public and the global community should cope with this problem as fast as possible, otherwise the necessity and effectiveness of the international organizations who strike for human rights will be questioned, as they receive much money to solve the problem but do nothing.

The general public mostly treats prostitution negatively and demands it to be banned. The reaction is so radical not only because prostitution is an immoral phenomenon, but because it is a source of the majority sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and it supports the development of sex tourism and human trafficking. A successful term paper should explain the definition of prostitution and determine the cause and effect of this phenomenon, its historical background, reasons of prostitution, its types and impact on the society (physical, moral, medical, cultural). Student is supposed to present smart ideas, which can help the society regulate prostitution, check health condition of prostitutes to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and registrant every prostitute to prevent human sex trafficking.

Students writing a term paper have a range of problems connected with the topic, because it is too broad to be researched from all sides. It is recommended to limit the field of research and focus on some brief aspects of prostitution. There are many books, articles it reliable periodicals and publications dedicated to this topic, which can broaden students’ knowledge about prostitution. One of the most effective methods to learn how to write a good term paper is to take advantage of the writing help in the web. It is easy to find a well-analyzed free example term paper on prostitution in Philippines and see how a good paper is organized. Students who have no idea how to write the paper properly and how to format the paper, analyze and arrange data logically will find free sample term papers on legalizing prostitution extremely useful. Having read several examples one will borrow enough experience to create his own original informative paper on the topic.