Term Paper on Racism

Term Paper:

Racism is the negative attitude towards people of another race, color of skin and religious views. Racism is one of the problems of human society which brings violence into the life of people. People have always identified themselves with similar individuals of their own tribe, country, ethnicity and when a representative of another race appeared, he was treated negatively like an odd and too different person and an enemy. People enjoy living in groups which share common interests, moral values and even who have similar appearance or color of skin. No wonder, when a person sees a representative of another race, conflicts arise.

Racism is one of the forms of violence which divide the human society and bring suffering and problems and making the life complicated. It is obvious that without racism the life would be safer and the humanity should strive to achieve peace between all races. People should combine their efforts to solve much more important problems than color of skin. For example to maintain peace, improve the ecological situation on the planet and to provide everyone with food and shelter, proper education and work.

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Racism causes big problems for the humanity, because thousands of people die every month on the basis of racism abuse and the humanity has to cope with the problem immediately, because the color of skin is not so important. Student who analyzes the topic of racism should devote much time to the research of the topic to be able to draw wise conclusions and brainstorm interesting methods which can defeat the problem once for all. A student is supposed to work out vast amounts of literary sources to collect enough data about the types of racism, its cause and effect, cases connected with it and suggest possible methods to bring peace for the humanity.

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