Term Paper on Unemployment in Pakistan

in Pakistan Term Paper:

Unemployment is a serious problem of the modern civilization. With the growth of population and the development of the global economics the possibility of a person to find a good job has become quite low. The most important factors which cause unemployment at a country are the low development and poor financial background and the lack of development of industry and IT technologies of the informational age. Unemployment exists in every country no matter whether it is rich or poor; the only difference is the rate of unemployment there. Pakistan belongs to the countries which suffer from high rates of unemployment which mostly depend on the economical condition of the country.

The first reason of the unfavorable situation with jobs in Pakistan is the low credit of the investors to the country. Rich countries stop investing money into the development of their business in Pakistan and it causes serious problems. The second reason of unemployment is the poor development of industry in the country. As a result qualified labor force is not required in the country and the value of higher education reduces. Then, agriculture is the most develop sphere in Pakistan and most people are involved in it. Unfortunately, because of the shortage of water supply agriculture is not a reliable sphere of business which can offer workplaces. Next, the world financial crisis has influenced the problem of unemployment in Pakistan seriously and worsened the situation even stronger than it used to be. Finally, the enormous growth of population is the last serious reason of unemployment in the country.

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When one investigates the problem of unemployment in Pakistan and wants to prepare a good term paper on it, he should collect trustworthy facts in the reliable sources to improve his knowledge on the topic. A well-analyzed term paper should contain the historical background of the unemployment in Pakistan, its most essential branches of business and economics. The paper is expected to contain a long and well-analyzed list of the factors which influence unemployment in the country and the methods which are used to reduce it. A student should conclude the whole research wisely and demonstrate his critical thinking skills, creativity and knowledge.

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