The Motown Effect – Term Paper

Motown Effect Film Questions

Question 1

In this film, the main argument is on the role that pop music played in the lives of African Americans. Pop music was one of the earliest inventions of African Americans, and it began in Motown in Detroit. Motown was a major recording studio in Detroit. It was an achievement since the African Americans were going through the harsh periods of discrimination but were still able to produce a lot of pop music that became hits. The African Americans became the pop music leaders as their hits became the best in the country. They produced over 90 hits. During this time, African Americans who were artists were not treated in the same way as the white performers, and this weighed them down.  

Question 2

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There is evidence in this film that supports the arguments that are provided. The first evidence presented is the Motown studio located in Detroit. This studio was an invention of Berry Gordy. As an aspiring artist, Berry Gordy borrowed $800 from his family so as to build the studio that recorded the best pop hits America and the whole world had ever had. The second evidence that is provided by the film is that of artists singing and other individuals that contributed to this growth commenting. One of the songs was produced by Bill Harry and the Comets. Paul Gambaccini was one of the disc jockeys of the radio during this time, and he recognizes how the pop music brought change to the radio industry. The film provides different names of artists such as Jackie Wilson and many others. It also recognizes producers such as Randy Jackson.  The fact that the Motown Studio opened daily and at every hour is evidence of why the African Americans produced a lot of nice hits during that time. Proof of African Americans discrimination during this stage is shown when some of the albums that were created did not feature any African Americans’ images even though it was produced by them. However, later, African Americans and the Whites began to create music together, and this changed the music industry. The music changed from ones involving civil rights to the just normal music. Motown and pop music is part of the reason that led to the rise of African Americans such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Therefore, there is enough evidence to prove that indeed pop music was a life changer to the African Americans.;

Question 3

Creators of this argument utilize the visual format in different ways. First, they use the images of Motown studio to prove that indeed the recording of music took place. In this studio, images of discs, pictures of artists and turntables among others are shown. The creators also show the pictures of African Americans and the names of the music that they produced to prove that indeed African Americans were the pioneers of this music. One thing that was easier to understand that was presented visually was the fact that music recording started the long time ago at Motown. A lot of images of Motown Studio are used to present this argument. Old discs are shown combined with old records and albums. There are also pictures of record producers during that time in the studio and also images of some of the earliest artists of pop music.