Term Paper on Bioethics

Term Paper:

Bioethics is the discipline which studies ethical and moral aspects of the activity of a human being in biology and medicine. The term bioethics was introduced in the end of the 20th century and meant first of all the ethical questions in the relation of a doctor and a patient, for example, the following of the medical secret, proper treatment and attitude towards the patient, etc.

Bioethics is closely connected with philosophy, biology, health care, sociology and law, because all these disciplines touch upon ethics and are reflected in bioethics. The philosophical side of bioethics touches upon the analysis and evaluation of the latest innovations and the development of new technologies in the sphere of biology and health care. There are many controversial questions which are connected with bioethics. First of all, it is the problem of transplantation of the organs. The question seems to be an easy one, but the attitude towards it is quite different.

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The opponents of transplantation claim that it is immoral to take an organ of a persona and give it to the other one. The majority of the religious organizations are radically against this procedure, as well as against xenotransplantation or the transplantation of the animal organs into the human being. Then, the problem abortion has always been a controversial and urgent question and the generally public reacts towards it generally negatively. Next, there are questions of cloning, especially human cloning, surrogacy and medical experiments and testing of new remedies.

Bioethics is a serious discipline which values human activity from the point of view of ethics. A well-organized bioethics term paper should contain interesting up-to-date information and explain the topic in detail. A student should do much work to analyze the problem of bioethics from different points of view including social studies and medicine. It is important to define the key ethic questions related to bioethics and analyze them in detail. One should try to research various subtopics on bioethics and formulate their advantages and disadvantages and explain why they are considered to be the controversial and ethical ones. Finally, a student should create a wise summary and prove that human activity really breaks some ethical laws and present some effective alternative solutions to the certain problems.

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