Term Paper on Hamlet

Term Paper:

Hamlet is the tragedy written by the most outstanding English writer William Shakespeare. The writer wrote a great number of sonnets, plays and comedies, but his most successful and well-known works are tragedies. Nearly everybody knows or has heard about King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Othello and of course Hamlet. The tragedy is about a young prince Hamlet who thinks a lot about his life, the world around. Everybody knows a famous quotation from Hamlet ‘To be or not to be’, which has many meanings and famous critics have not reached a consensus about it. They wonder what Hamlet wanted to say with these words but they fascinate and excite the humanity for many centuries.

The tragedy is very philosophical and touches upon the most important questions which disturb people all the time: friendship, purpose of life, the role of art, betrayal, love, war and peace. Hamlet experiences the death of his father and starts thinking about the value of life and of course revenge. He discovers that his father, the king, did not die himself but was murdered by the new lover of Hamlet’s mother, the queen, and the young man feels disappointed and thinks about the moral values of life which have been lost long ago, because the world is invaded by mischief and there is nothing good in the world any more. Shakespeare presents global problems on the concrete examples from the life of one person and offers to the reader the space for suggestion.

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Hamlet is considered to be the example of a successful tragedy and it remains the most popular tragedy staged in theaters even now. Every well-educated intelligent person is obliged to know about Hamlet and should be able to analyze the tragedy, its plot and problems properly.

A good college and university term paper on the tragedy is expected to be well-organized, well-analyzed and interesting. A student has to read Hamlet attentively and understand its plot, analyze the problems found in the text professionally and explain why the tragedy is supposed to be the masterpiece of literature. A student will need to read critics of other writers, scholars who have devoted their lives to the research of Shakespeare and his works.

In order to complete a term paper correctly, one will need a good example for writing and choose interesting topics such as Madness, Indecisiveness or Tragic Flaw in Hamlet for instance. When you join the Internet and read a free sample term paper on Hamlet there, you will understand the secrets of the successful paper writing, because a free example term paper on Hamlet is generally composed by the expert who is good at the topic and he organizes the structure of the paper correctly and analyzed the content professionally to help students with writing.